Employer FAQ

How do I post a job?

To post a job on the Bio Careers® board, create an employer account HERE, click “Post a job”, enter your text and select the job requirements. Then, complete the order by choosing your preferred payment method and filling in your payment information.

How soon will the job be listed after I post it?

The job will be listed instantly, as soon as you see the message “Your order has been completed!”.

How does my job appear to Job Seekers?

You can view an example HERE

Where can I see an example of a Featured Job?

Featured Jobs are posted on our homepage, as in THIS example. You can also visit our homepage www.biocareers.com for more examples of Featured jobs.

Where can I see an example of a Highlighted Job?

Highlighted Jobs appear on top of all the others on all job searches with a “Hot” mark, as in THIS example.

Can you create the ad text for me?

We can create a text for you, based on the main Responsibilities and Requirements you provide.

Can you post the job for me?

We would be very happy to handle the posting process for you at no extra cost. Please CONTACT us for assistance.

What is an anonymous Resume Bank?

An anonymous Resume Bank allows the Employer to browse all resumes for content while keeping the name and contact information anonymous. This encourages passive job seekers to keep their resumes in the resume bank. To get the name and contact information, you send a copy of your job description or listing to the jobseeker through the Resume Bank. If the jobseeker is interested, s/he accepts, and the contact information is released to you. You only pay for resumes where the jobseeker has accepted your invitation.

How can I pay?

The Credit Cards we accept are Visa, MasterCard and Amex. We require a PO Number for all other payment methods. (Check, Direct Transfer)

Are there any limitations in terms of the number of characters I can use?

No, you can feel free to add as much information as you consider necessary.

Can I post any type of job?

Please do not post any jobs that are not appropriate for life sciences postgraduates (e.g. MSs, PhDs or MDs). Since our community consists only of life science postgraduates, other positions will not attract enough interest to be worth the fee. If such jobs are posted, they will be removed.

Is there a discount for Agencies?

Yes, you take advantage of our numerous offers and packages we have available only for Agencies. You can view more information HERE or CONTACT  us for further assistance.

How can I get information on Demographics?

You can view that information in our Media Kit, available HERE.