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What pronouns on the resume/CV say about your level of social integration!

As a behavioral communications coach, I train clients to look for evidence that will help predict the future behavior of a candidate. As a hiring team, we key on three events to help in this phase of assessing a candidate’s qualifications; the resume/CV, conversations and the interview (and job n...



What’s Keeping You From Getting the Job?

Believe it or not, the greatest obstacle you have in your job search is probably your perception of it.  What does the job search mean to you? The job search is a sales process—even if your job’s not remotely related to sales.  And in the job search, you’re the product.  The em...


Johnson Whitmore

Help! I Need a Resume…ah,…or Maybe a CV?

You are ready to start your job search and you know that you need a sharp marketing tool to send to potential employers. Good for you for knowing the importance of a well-written summary of your education, professional accomplishments, and abilities. You might even have an old resume from the past, ...



400 Scientists Already Signed up for Summit

We’re very excited about the upcoming Virtual Job Summit, and all of the events and recruiting that’s going to happen.  Already, 400 of you talented scientists have signed up for the Event, and there are still 2 weeks to go.  We’ve got a great slate of employers, and are building vir...



Top 10 Reasons employers should grab a booth at the Job Summit

The Virtual Job Summit is a great deal for Employers.  Here are the top 10 reasons you should contact us about a booth:1.    You can attend 35 career fairs at once!  With the event open to all of our 35 Members, you can recruit from all of these top training centers at the same t...


Thomas Patrick

But what if they don't have an opening?

Hello everyone!Since this is my first blog submission after the webinar last week, I wanted to re-address one of the topics I brought up, and continue some thoughts raised by the follow up questions from the audience. 


Johnson Whitmore

Blogging to help your transition

Welcome to my BioCareers blog on Resumes, Search Action Plans and Cover Letters. My name is Diane Johnson Whitmore. Although I am now happily employed as a Career Strategist, I know from personal experience what it is like to transition between careers.  After first being attracted to finance, ...



How does your resume look?

Many times people have sent in their resumes for a job they believe is a perfect fit. Yet weeks have gone by and still they heard nothing back from the company. First you need to ask: How does your resume look?  Writing a good scientific resume is crucial to getting a job interview...



Making the most of an interview opportunity

With my long-term career goals oscillating to-and-fro regarding academic research, an interesting opportunity presented itself – an administrative/teaching, non-tenure-track faculty position.  Led by my curiosity with this alternate academic route, I decided to throw my name into the hat of c...

Lauren Celano


The importance of tailoring a resume when applying for jobs

Resumes are important to showcase your “personal brand.” They are what companies and individuals see when you apply to jobs.  They highlight your skills, tell a story, and explain why your skills are relevant for a particular job.