Thanks to My Coach - I got a new job!

Last week, I accepted a new job that I am very excited about. Of course, anytime you can wrap up a job hunt is deeply gratifying, but this time in particular, I am thrilled with the outcome. I am taking a role as an eLearning Specialist at Tableau Software.  That’s a job title I’ve nev...


Robert Cory

Postdoc Job Advertising for Military Research Institutes

Ever wonder why you never hear about postdoc job opportunities at military research institutes?  One reason is that adequate job advertising is severely lacking or completely absent for most military research postdoc positions.  As a result, most prospective postdocs have no idea where to ...


Shu Chin

How to speak with confidence - Part 2, networking

How many of you shiver when you hear “networking”? Or do you jump for joy? If you are in the latter category, then congratulations and you can stop reading. However, if you are from the first category, here are some tips that might be able to help you to overcome the crippling anxiety. You ...


Thomas Patrick

I love it when a plan comes together

Hello everyone! The internet is full of “never fail – guaranteed to work” tips and strategies designed to help you get that dream job. Goodness knows I share plenty of them with you here and in the webinars. Point is, in job search, these techniques are only part of the equation. In ...

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo


The Social Scientist

During my undergraduate studies I took more than 18 credits in the Social Sciences from Theories of Personality, to Sociology and Social Problems. At the time, I wasn't completely clear as to how taking these courses would influence my future, both at the personal and professional level, but th...

Donna Kridelbaugh


Self-Marketing Tip: Sharing Content with Your Network

Sharing regular content with your professional network is a quick and efficient way to increase your online presence. Stay fresh in the minds of colleagues and establish yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise. Content can be shared on social media platforms and discussion boards...


Thomas Patrick

Basic Phone Skills For Everyone

Hello Everyone! This time, we're going to take a look at how to use that most basic of tools, the telephone. Seems like these days, we use them to send text messages, as calendars, as cameras, as music players, as social media portals, and seldom for talking to people, which was their inte...


Thomas Patrick

Networking – Scary and Misunderstood, pt 2 - “but I don’t know anyone”

The word “networking” terrifies a lot of people..jobseekers “know” they need to do it, but the prospect can be very overwhelming, especially if you think you don’t know anyone..if that’s you, here’s how to get started. You might think my premise is silly, but I assure you, the num...

Donna Kridelbaugh


What is National Mentoring Month?

January is National Mentoring Month, which was founded by the Harvard School of Public Health. The National Mentoring Partnership was conceived to raise awareness about mentoring programs, and to recruit people to serve as role models for youth in their communities. Mentors make a positive impact on...



Dealing with recruiters when you are not looking for a job (right now)...

People are generally very happy to work with recruiters during their job search, but less happy to take a recruiter call when they are not looking for a job. While it can be very annoying and awkward to be solicited at work for another job, many times, this is the only phone number a recruiter ...